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Benefits of using Electrogroup Apprentices

By utilising the services that Electrogroup offer, host employers need not worry about the usual employment concerns. We can take the stress out of employing apprentices by looking after everything for you. You need to pay a weekly invoice, and the rest is taken care of by Electrogroup Apprentices.

All on-costs are covered in our hourly charge out rate.  No fee shall be applied when the apprentice is absent from the workplace.  For example off-the-job training, annual leave, sick leave, workers compensation or public holidays.
The advantages are:

No recruitment concerns

  • No taxation obligations
  • No downtime
  • No long term commitment
  • Flexible placement periods (from three months to four years)
  • Provision of uniforms, PPE and regulatory training
  • White card, EWP and CPR and switchboard rescue

Electrogroup values the commitment of our host employers and apprentices. Every year we hold a Graduation Ceremony to give recognition to those that have excelled and those that have completed their apprenticeship.

We also recognise the efforts of our host employers through an Awards Gala Evening and offer various awards to show our appreciation of their support of Electrogroup Apprenticeships.