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Becoming an Apprentice

What is an Electrical Apprenticeship?

ElectricianAn electrical apprenticeship provides a combination of employment and structured training (on-the-job and off-the-job training) enabling apprentices to achieve relevant industry skills. You will learn to install and maintain electrical components, wiring, equipment and systems. You may have the opportunity to elect to work in specialised areas of the electrical industry such as home automation and C-BUS system that control lighting, security, home theatres, air conditioning and much more for residential and commercial applications. You will rotate between industry employers and will be expected to travel between work sites. The average duration of an apprenticeship is a nominal term of 4 years.

You will need to complete eProfiling during your apprenticeship, if you have any questions regarding your eProfiling you are able to log into eProfiling system – and check the FAQ’s or the How To section. Alternatively if you require additional help you are able to come into Electro Group to see Elim or Gordon Allardyce who will be more than happy to assist.

Benefits for Apprentices

When employed by Electrogroup you can look forward to career satisfaction and a diverse career pathway. Apprentices employed by Electrogroup are able to work a large range of industry sectors including domestic (maintenance, repair and installation), industrial (maintenance, control and switchboards), commercial (building sites), and data & communications. Apprentices are rotated regularly to ensure competency is achieved in all required industry areas. You also receive added benefits such as regular field visits by our qualified field staff, monitoring, mentoring and additional training. We also supply you with uniforms, tools and personal protective equipment.

Attributes and Skills Required of an Apprentice

  • Electrical apprentices need the following attributes and skills to be successful in this vocation:
  • Good maths and science skills – these are skills that you will need on the job and whilst attending off the job training. To do a self assessment test go to
  • Good hand eye coordination – you will be working with your hands on a daily basis
  • Be able to pass a colour blind test – electrical cables are colour coded
  • Licence and vehicle – the electrical industry is mobile and you won’t always be at the same site
  • Be reliable and punctual and show initiative
  • Commitment to your career in the electrical industry

How Do I Apply?

At, times we advertise our vacancies in the newspaper, on both print electronic media (Seek) and our website.

We encourage people interested in gaining an Electrogroup apprenticeship or wishing to partake in a pre-apprenticeship course to register their interest at any time by sending through a completed application form.

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